BE-ST Srl is a serious partner,

competent and reliable

for all your needs

in the outsourcing of design processes,

electronic development and production.

Our services include electrical and electronic design, firmware and software development, the creation of pre-series prototypes, research and procurement of electronic components, product industrialization and technical support in the start-up of production.

We are in Turin, Avigliana and Pianezza.

In our offices there is the Research and Development department, where a team of engineers with proven experience and skills work together with the administrative, purchasing, quality assurance, production and testing offices.

Design outsourcing
and electronic manufacturing

BE-ST Srl provides customized electronic design and production service for small and large Italian and international companies. Always in step with know-how and technological updating, and thanks to a consolidated experience and professionalism, it develops products for industrial applications, test and measurement instrumentation, telecommunications and information technology, consumer electronics and power electronics.

If you want to develop a new project or optimize an existing product;
if you are looking for a consulting service in the field of electronics, hardware, firmware and software;
if you intend to start the production of an electronic board or assembly …

We have
the solution
for you.

High level technical and technological skills

You can have access to first-rate know-how, always updated to the state of the art, without the need to invest in terms of personnel, training, equipment and setting up design or production sites.

Control and reduce project costs

Our experience is obviously shared among many clients and projects, so each of our clients contributes only a fraction of the total investment cost required.

Reduce time to market

It is not necessary to develop the specific knowledge necessary to start a new project from time to time. Your project will take less time to reach the market.

Focus on “core competencies”

Your staff can focus on the key activities that characterize the product, or on strategic activities such as marketing or customer support.

Avoid inefficiencies due to the production process

Avoid dealing with the optimization of the production process, the search for components and suppliers, purchases and the need to manage multiple interlocutors.

Increase your design and production skills

If you already have a design and development team, you can in any case increase your production and design capacity, to cope with work peaks or to be able to serve your customers more efficiently.



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