SW/FW Design

The development of firmware and software is certainly an important activity in the design cycle and becomes essential for the success of a new product. Our experience covers different architectures and families of CPUs, microcontrollers, DSPs, using the most varied programming languages, real time operating systems, tools and integrated development environments.

Our skills also include:

  • high-level software development for Windows systems
  • high-level software development for Linux systems
  • software development for PLC systems

Our network of developers is able to design the software and firmware architecture of a new product starting from the idea or adapt to customer specifications and use existing modules working at all levels up to the development of the complete application.

Firmware and software development activities include:

  • digital control systems
  • human / machine interfaces (HMI) and GUI
  • communication and networking protocols
  • technical documentation
  • maintenance, service and support
  • firmware development embedded in C
  • high-level software development for DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix
  • software development for PLC
  • porting of existing firmware and software
  • development of bootloaders
  • development of WEB and APP based systems




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